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zesty pep . grapefruit + mint candle

zesty pep . grapefruit + mint candle

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Scent notes: Top notes of tangy grapefruit and citrus accompanied by fresh mint and thyme, while hints of lavender and rhubarb add depth and complexity to this fresh fragrance.

What it smells like: Citrusy pep to the senses

Scent strength: 4/5


Burn time:

200g / 7.05 oz: Approximately 30-33 hours

90g / 3.2 oz: Approximately 10-13 hours


Container size: 

200g / 7.05: D7.5cm x H8.5cm 

90g / 3.2 oz: D6.5cm x H6.5cm 


Candle care:

1. IMPT! Allow the first burn to be at least 2 hours (but no more than 4 hours). This creates a 'memory burn' that will burn the wax evenly to the sides of the container and prolong your candle life.

2. Place the container on a heat-resistant surface, away from children, pets, windows or drafts and flammable materials. Do not leave a burning candle unattended.

3. Soot may form in the container after a burn (which is not uncommon). When it's cooled, use a damp cloth to clean the sides.

4. Repurpose! Clean off residue and you can reuse the container.

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