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dark moon . rose + oud candle

dark moon . rose + oud candle

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Scent notes: A sensual & smoky marriage of rose & oud, balanced with peppercorn, blackberry, carnation, myrhh, musk & amber.

What it smells like: A gothic rose garden

Scent strength: 4/5


Burn time:

200g / 7.05 oz: Approximately 30-33 hours

90g / 3.2 oz: Approximately 10-13 hours


Container size: 

200g / 7.05: D7.5cm x H8.5cm 

90g / 3.2 oz: D6.5cm x H6.5cm 


Candle care:

1. IMPT! Allow the first burn to be at least 2 hours (but no more than 4 hours). This creates a 'memory burn' that will burn the wax evenly to the sides of the container and prolong your candle life.

2. Place the container on a heat-resistant surface, away from children, pets, windows or drafts and flammable materials. Do not leave a burning candle unattended.

3. Soot may form in the container after a burn (which is not uncommon). When it's cooled, use a damp cloth to clean the sides.

4. Repurpose! Clean off residue and you can reuse the container.


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