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candle care kit

candle care kit

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This three-piece set is a must-have for candle lovers!

From left to right:

1. Wick trimmer - Trimming your candle wick before lighting results in a cleaner, longer and safer candle burn. Long, untrimmed wicks create large flames, which means a shorter burn time and results in extra smoke and soot. Place the wick trimmer base 5mm away from the wax surface and trim off any excess wick.

2. Wick Dipper - Use this to extinguish a candle without causing smoke, or move a shifted wick. Use the hooked end to bend the wick into the wax pool. Once the flame is extinguished, pull the the wick back up.

3. Snuffer - Safely extinguish a candle and reduce smoke by covering the flame with the bell/dome. Be careful not to let it touch the molten wax.


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