Why You Should Give Solid Perfumes A Try

Why You Should Give Solid Perfumes A Try

We get a lot of attention (and quite a few questions) at our pop ups about these solid perfumes, so we decided it's time to write a post about them! Here are some common questions we get


Q: What are solid perfumes? 

They're similar to the usual perfumes we are all familiar with, just in the form of a balm. As they're lightweight and require minimal packaging, solid perfumes are an eco-friendly choice when it comes to wearing a fragrance. To use, press the surface with your fingertip to lift up some balm, then apply to your pulse points (behind the ears, on the wrists, collarbone etc). Your body heat will then release the fragrance throughout the day. As they're made of moisturising jojoba oil, olive wax, candelilla wax and premium skin-safe fragrances, this vegan perfume also doubles up as a hand moisturiser. You can also apply at hair ends to increase the scent strength


Q: How long do they last? 

A: Depending your skin type, each application lasts about 3-4 hours (dryer skin types require less touch ups). Some fragrances (like Warm Vanilla or Oakmoss Sandalwood have more prominent base notes and will typically last longer)


Q: Are they suitable for sensitive skin?

A: Compared to liquid perfume sprays, they are gentler on the skin since solid perfumes do not contain alcohol, which is the main cause of skin irritation. Keep in mind that the fragrance stays closer to the user since the fragrance doesn't get projected as much without the alcohol ingredient, but that's the way some users like it - they're able to enjoy perfumes in a more discreet way


Q: Will they melt in our warm weather? 

A: Nope! Take them wherever you go - work, gym, travel etc. Touch up whenever you feel like it; in fact, have a few with you and apply whichever fragrance you feel like throughout the day!


Q: How long will a tin last? Does it have an expiry date? 

A: With everyday use, a tin would last around 3-4 months, and we recommend using it up within a year. However, our tester tins have lasted more than a year without any issues, so as long as they smell great, you can still use them.


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